Sustainable living

This is probably something that comes up more on our Facebook or Google+ pages than the blog itself. And as a ‘smallholding’ blog some may question its place on this site, or potentially the name of the page. Some refer to this as sustainable living, others may consider it‘self-sufficiency’ and it even boarders on ‘eco-friendly living’. Whatever you call it I guess the principle is inevitably intertwined with our lifestyle choice; as a couple and now a family; with the arrival of our daughter, living on our smallholding. Although the two are not mutually exclusive either after all there are many reasons to live a more sustainable or self-sufficient lifestyle.

For some it’s a conscious decision to live a more ecofriendly; with concerns about waste or resources… I have heard myself referred to as a ‘hippy’ at the super market for buying ecofriendly washing/laundry powder. Others would say we don’t go far enough…

For others it maybe a conscientious choice to understand what we are using (chemicals etc.) for their health or the health of their families. Do we really know what many of these products/chemicals really do? And surely reducing our reliance on them cannot hurt. It may in fact be economic, after all cost is a major factor for almost everyone.

Or it maybe a combination of the above and some others...

In our case we are predominantly ‘off grid’. Given we do not have the usual town supplies of water, sewer etc. much of this decision was dictated to us. Many of the ideas, tips discussed were often passed on by friends and family. Some from being a poor student, others we have had to investigate due to the restrictions of our lifestyle and circumstances. I guess over time its evolved to be a subject in its own right. Even to a point where a colleague asked my advice as“you’d know this”. And given we are soon to be parents I guess this area of discussion may become a more prominent issue, as well as prompting the decision to officially include/discuss this topic here. Although we have informally touched upon it in the past.

So for posts you will find the labels “make your own”, “sustainable”,“self sufficiency”, “household”depending on the content.

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