Welsh for “harp shaped field” or 
"harp shaped meadow"

Purchased this plaque whilst visiting our native Wales- and it's authentic Welsh Slate too.

Thanks to Jonathan at

Welsh is a very descriptive language and we felt this described our piece of the world perfectly; whilst putting a stamp on it... so it was undeniable ours! Our touch of Wales in Oz.

After dabbling with container gardens and owning a few domestic chooks (chickens) in suburbia, it soon became clear that we wanted more…

Not content with fresh eggs and a few herbs and tomatoes we wanted to be able to grow and rear most of our own food; to be responsible for what we grow, rear and consume.

This is not a lifestyle decision suited to everyone. And many of our friends and family (on both sides of the world), they think we're mad.

Many others find meeting the source of their meals difficult to reconcile themselves with. But we do firmly believe in many ways, that this is the problem. We have become so removed from the process; the produce, it's quality of life, health and wellbeing, and therefore removed from the responsibility of our choices.

Now don't get me wrong we do not enjoy the process. But we do enjoy the animals and plants whilst they are with us, and again once they reach the plate. And we feel much better knowing we are responsible for the quality of life they had whilst they were with us. This is most likely far better than anything you could buy, as the better the life an animal or plant has, the better the outcome- and you have to admit there is nothing fresher!

We also believe that if you are responsible for the life (and death) of something, there is instilled a responsibility to do it justice. So you are less likely to waste anything… You want to make the most of it, all. And there is something satisfying about serving a dish that you have grown, reared and prepared from scratch.

This dream lifestyle had always been something we had discussed as our "one day" scenario. Admittedly some inspiration came from the UK TV series River Cottage; we have both been avid fans from the original series. I actually bought Matt a day course for his birthday, on our trip home the year we bought Maes-y-Delyn (and will probably reference the books constantly). But for us this love of smallholding goes back further than that.

Some of my fondest childhood memories are spending time in the green house with my Bamp (Grandfather), picking green beans or elderflowers and later berries; for his homemade wine. Blackberry picking or nut picking with my Nan's (Grandmothers), and preparing our glut for jams, tarts or for our dinner.
Matt grew up working as a farm hand for a family friend, with his brothers from a very young age. And his parents kept chickens and a small veg patch. So whilst many say it's strange for two young people to want to do this, I guess for us it was always inevitable.

So our first step was to look for somewhere with more space. And in 2011 we fell head over heels in love with a small acreage here in sunny Queensland- And in June 2011 we started our lives here.

Hopefully it is not arrogant to blog about our lives here, in the hope that others will read and share in our (and their own) journey... the highs and lows. And maybe even inspire some others along the way, or at the very least, provide some food for thought. But as two foreigners attempting this in a totally different environment, trying to make the most of our small piece of the world and learning as we go. Hopefully we can head on this adventure together, at Maes-y-Delyn... our touch of Wales in Oz.

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