Livestock available

Yes we do sell our surplus livestock (by this we are including poultry as livestock). Therefore inquiries and expressions of interest via email or Facebook are welcomed. Or select the 'for sale' label as any expected or current available livestock will be tagged.

Now don't get us wrong, we are not out to make money. For a start this is a small holding, and by no means a commercial operation. However we breed and rear heritage and rare breed livestock; we rear these animals for our own enjoyment and consumption. With full knowledge of the quality of the produce and how well and happily the animal lived.

So as a result when we breed excess to our own requirements (such as we keep a piglet from a litter), we sell/swap the remainder. This assists in funding the rearing of our own. I believe the term is cost-offsetting.

But for details of any expected broods/litters etc or those currently "on the ground" either search label 'for sale' or email us at 

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