Monday, 13 April 2020

It's going to be a very different Easter

It is funny, as it has been quite some time (prior to our most recent post) since we blogged. Though I has drafted a number, that were never complete, or I had not published (for one reason or another). 
The most recent was a discussion about Christmas, and how we balance traditions we grew up with and associate with the season. To that of a ‘hot Christmas’ in mid-summer. And how we have adapted, others embraced and even created a few of our own. How it maybe the detail that is important and is about creating and sharing memories. Well a quarter of the yer has past… and I had not published that post. And we find ourselves approaching another significant holiday.

Now we are not religious, so am not wanting to preach to anyone. So, for myself as a child Easter was a few weeks break from school; two terms down with one to go. Was spring and full of hope and hope for good weather. Time spent with my family and some chocolate too. 
Again, here in Oz it is still around school holidays, so we usually try and fit in some camping (as here in Qld the weather is cooling but still stunning- hopefully wet season has dissipated).
Lent seems to be followed a little more, and fish (or seafood of some description) is the highlight for Good Friday. As it's the southern hemisphere we are move into autumn (not spring) so the children’s gifts are focussed upon rugging up for cooler nights (pyjamas and slippers) and books for the night-time stories. The Easter feast, decorations and festivities are more elaborate. Even the Easter bunny seems more significant, even magical.
However, this year we all find ourselves adapting, embracing and maybe even creating a few new traditions. With most of the world affected (on some level) by this pandemic; there will be no camping trip and no visitors. We will remain connected, digitally but be physically distanced and settled here at Maes-y-Delyn.

So what are your Easter plan's for this year?

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