Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Loss of a true mate

Firstly, I wish to apologise. I did not realise how long it has been since I posted a blog. I had written a few but had either not finished or not published them.

I have remained a little more active via our Instagram (maes_y_delyn.qld) and Facebook (@maesydelyn.qld) pages. But that is no excuse.

Given all the craziness going on around the world at the moment. I felt that we should be blogging. And that this may provide some hope, tips and an outlet for us.

However, before we go into any of that we have had a few changes here at Maes-y-Delyn. The most recent being the passing of our (not so farm) dog Ffion. And whilst the chickens are roaming a little more confidently. We are definitely feeling her absence.

This beautiful girl had provided companionship that grounded us not just here at the farm, but in our lives here in Oz.

Ffion joined us, after living in Australia for just over a year. As we had acknowledged that there was something missing. This beautiful girl made Australia home. Little did we know she would become the best, most loyal, loving and tough little pup we could have wished for. She was an awesome little best mate to the whole family especially our daughter and will be truly missed. Rest easy girl thanks for 12 wonderful years.

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