Monday, 28 August 2017

EOI- Berkshire weaners and day old chicks

This week has been productive so far. 

We saw the arrival of Sage and Smokey's most recent, and most likely last litter of piglets. (As we have a replacement boar, and other bloodline waiting). 

She delivered 10 healthy little porkers, and so far we have counted at least 5 girls, so will be taking expressions of interest, as they should be ready for re-homing early October.

We have also begun hatching so chicks. Our initial hatchlings will form part of our next generation. However we should hopefully have day old chicks available for both 
Sussex- Light, Silver & Platinum (potential splits) and Ross 308 broilers from September.

We are based within the Mackay region (Queensland) and maybe contacted via email 
maesydelyn.qld or  Facebook

Please note we are not a commercial entity, we are a hobby farm and only occasionally offer excess livestock for sale. 

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