Monday, 4 January 2016

The buzz of an exciting new project

What do you get your partner for Christmas, when you live on a farm (smallholding)... bee hives! Of course!

Well that what my other half bought me, and I couldn't be more estatic! They were second hand, and whilst they we're structurally sound, they were definitiely in need of some TLC- so he spent a hours painting, putting in new doorways and re-wiring the racks.

We're a bit away from making honey (or wax) as we need to acquire some more equipment before that process along with some bees.
We have joined the local club and will (hopefully) be attending our first meeting at the end of the month.  

But the idea being not only the added produce from the bees themselves, but hopefully the added production from their everyday business. I mean the improved pollentation of our plants and trees, and hopefully subsequent produce from them too.

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