Thursday, 6 November 2014

Our new arrival & farm arrivals

If you were to visit Maes-y-Delyn at the moment it would be fair to say spring is definitely in the air, given the new arrivals. Our own included.

I guess we should begin by apologising for our absence. As it's been a while since our last post.
An absence probably felt by our farm too. Well not exactly an absence from the farm, but you could say we have been a little distracted. As we recently welcomed our own little addition. So have been a little busy adjusting to our new roles as parents, whilst balancing our responsibilities here. We also had a few weeks with some rather proud grandparents staying.

For those who know us personally, we would appreciate it if  you do not refer to or daughter by name in any open /online interactions. As I am conscious that this blog is on the open web.

So 'Miss A' or 'the cub' and parents are doing very well.

So these exciting events followed by a few technical issues (those who follow us on Facebook would know I have been posting from my phone) and trying to fit in time actually sit down and write has meant a fair gap since our last post. And a lot has happened, we are not the only new parents here.

Since our last post we had welcomed a number of chick (particularly a few Indian Games).

A few goslings and potentially a few more on the way- as our other pair of geese are sitting and guarding a nest.


 And a litter of piglets (Berkshires)

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