Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Great weather for ducks

I do feel that I need to apologise for the last of posts recently. But I guess there hasn’t been a lot to discuss… other than the weather!

I feel a little guilty saying that we have battened down the hatches and are just trying to get on top of the mowing and weeding with the onset of the wet season, given many parts of Queensland (especially expansive agricultural areas) are still in drought, and have been for years… It hardly seems fair.



But it’s true. Along the eastern coast communities are dealing with the rains and then clean up operations of cyclone Ita. Whilst cyclones can (and do) affect these areas typically between November and May, they are far more active and common in February and possibly early March. To be still discussing cyclones and tropical rains in April is unusual (even many of the locals have been saying it). And whilst we spend much of the year waiting on the rains and storing (and recording) every drop, during the wet season we just play a constant game of ‘beat the rain’ with the mower. As no sooner have you managed to cut the grass (and in many cases blogged the mower in the mud) then its raining again and the grass (and weeds) seem to grown behind you!

So whilst autumn usually brings the beginnings of my veggie gardens planting out, this year there will be a delay… only this also means their will be a delay in our winter harvest too. As here in the tropics winter is actually our growing season- mainly as the temperatures are bearable for most plants (and gardeners), and months of perfect sunshine- although this does mean we need to set up a good watering system. See I told you now we’re waiting for the water to subside as the gardens water logged, in a couple of weeks we’ll be watering it.

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