Sunday, 1 December 2013

Making the most of a glut before its gone

The wet season does appear to have begun earlier this year. Well earlier than the last few years at least; having recorded over 200mm of rain throughout November.
And whilst the early rain has been a welcome reprieve for our paddocks, as well as our own water supplies (tanks are brimming already) it does mean our wet season preparations have to begin sooner too.
In terms of gardening, some plants will thrive in the summer humidity, but not many will survive the rains… or more to the point the moulds and rot that comes with it.
So whilst the plants are flourishing from the early rain, we have begun to harvest. And as such we will need to store/preserve to maximise the gut.

So as the herbs begin to thicken and bolt I am drying the leaves in the dehydrator (along with a few cherry tomatoes).
I plan to continue to do this for the next few weeks. Then let the chickens turn over the various beds in turn and then cover an put them to rest.

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