Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Turkey Poults are hatching

Well our poults are hatching! It doesn't matter how many we have hatched (or what species) I still get excited!


Genetics are a funny thing. As we have a bronze male and one bronze female a large preportion of the young are bronze. However our other girls is more Bourbon, yet we would have thought the Bronze would dominate...yet quite a few of the poults have not come our Bourbon (slightly redish) but quite light!  

Fingers crossed we have mroe to come, so guess we'll see what comes out of those.

Dad- handsome boy (well for a Turkey)
We staggered their incubation; placing the eggs in every few days (to a week), as we didn't want the eggs to get old.
Am not too sure how old eggs can be before the fertility rate begins to drop, but just in case.

So we are hopeful that we have more to come, along with the few under the girls in the shed. As they began to sit on a nest we left them be. Though am not looking forward to having to steal the young away from them. Especially as there are a few chicken eggs in there too; that will hatch a week beofre the poults- as chickens take 21 days to incubate, where turkeys take 28.

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