Sunday, 9 June 2013

Egg-citing Sunday

Well from a fortnight ago when I evicted our unwelcome shed squatter (carpet python) we have had a regular supply of eggs. Only 1 or 2 a day; but it is winter here so we're grateful to be getting an. Especially after our prior 'drought'.
But yesterday we had 6 eggs, 1 of which was our 1st duck egg since January. Today we had another 6 eggs, 4 from the chickens & 2 ducks (we now only have 2 duck hens - so 2 from 2)!
Secret nest
If that wasn't enough, whilst strimming the house yard Matt discovered a nest, hidden in under the air con unit.
Our OEGx 'Lavender' had been hanging around the back of the house of a morning, and being quite vocal... anyone who has chickens will know what I mean about the hens laying song.

But every time we went to investigate she'd be stood just off the patio, singing away. I had thought she may have been nesting in the landscape garden, but we hadn't found anything there... now we know why.
So 8 eggs, fortunately the weathers been cool and the eggs were cold. 'Lavenders' been pretty active; so she hasn't been sitting.
So here's how to test if your eggs are good. To be sure about fertility and development 'candle' them. I wrote a blog on this before. But if not to check if their fresh.
Fill a bowl with water and drop your eggs in. Fresh eggs sink, rotten eggs float. Or at least that's the theory- Think I''ll still keep them seperate to the rest, so that I can identify them when I want/need to use them... just in case
So weekend total - 20 eggs!

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