Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Why did the chicken cross the road... or travel 35km

Well I can honestly say I don't know!
But what a bizzare and busy day she must have had! I also think if you believe cats get 9 lives, then I'm not sure how many chickens get but Dwt must have used almost all of hers.
She started the day by escaping the dogs by running under the car. I later scouted underneath to find no sign of her, so figured she'd made her way back to the others... how wrong I could have been.
As when I came out of work, to head home. There she was stood in front of my car?
Now I can not explain how, but there she was 35km from home, just stood on the side of the road.
It wouldn't be so bad, but the car was booked into the body shop repairer for an assessment. Good job they didn't keep it today, or we may never have gotten her back.
So after 20 minutes of chasing her around my car; eventually with assistance from 2 colleagues, and a passing car almost running her over! I caught her and then had the challenge of getting her home.
So I was grateful to those colleagues for their help and for searching their cars for the bag (breathable cloth) and shoe box; that I used to transport her home.

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