Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Welcome Bradley and Darth to the flock.

Bradley- Jubilee Indian/Cornish Game rooster
Saturday we picked up 2 more Indian Game roosters. Bradley is a Jubilee male and Darth (Darth Vader Jnr) is a dark. Don't ask me where their names came from, but that was their names when we picked them up, so I guess they'll stick. But as Darth Vader Jnr's dad was Vader, (guess because he was a 'dark' Indian/Cornish game) then I think we'll stick to Darth for short.
Darth- Dark Indian/Cornish Game rooster
These boys are a little older than the others we have, and are already crowing.  They are settling in well, and definitely have their own personalities; Darth thinks he's a ladies' man, whilst Bradley likes and early night.
So hopefully when the girls start laying, we now have a few males; which we hope will increase our chances of fertility. And now with the wide variety of colours in the breed, we hope to get some interesting results too.

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