Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Turkey poults progress to brooder box

Well I moved the turkeys into the brooder box this morning. Having cleaned the chicks and Lucy out, sterilised all the waterers and feeders- and shuffling them around. The 3 turkey poults have a lovely warm and cosy (temporary) home.
I was a little concerned about one of them. As when I got home from work (and eagerly) checked on them. One was rather vocal, and it immediately became apparent why. It's knee was wedged in the base tray of the incubator! I managed to release it (within minimal protest from the bird) but I was concerned as to how injured it may have been, or how long it had been like it.

This little one was not as active as the other two, though when I picked it up, it had full motion of the leg and grip of the toes, just seemed reluctant to hold its body wait. But then I would be too, as no doubt even if it was 'uninjured' in a permanent sense, it would still be bruised or sore. But this morning I was relieved to see the bird stand upright; holding its own body weight.
So for now I will just keep a close eye on it, and handle it regularly- sort like physio for turkeys.
(will post updated photos shortly)

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