Thursday, 21 March 2013

More Poult Pics

As promised here are some more pics of the new poults!
The third one, lying on its side had me worried to start with. As this is the one that got its knee stuck in the grid tray of the incubator. Not that you can tell from these pics (due to the light exposure caused by their lamp) but the one with the sore knee is the darker colouring (there's one light one), but with less markings on its head.
It is obviously still causing it some discomfort, as it lies sprawled on its side, legs out straight. And has a little limp when it's wandering around... I guess the main thing is, it's wandering around.
Injured Poult, resting
We did take out the usual excess begging to make it easier for this little one to get about. And was relieved to see it get up from this position all on its own.- The last thing I wanted was for it too roll on its side and not be able to get up, especially if it were under the lamp and too hot or something.
So will maintain progress reports on all these little ones.

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