Saturday, 2 February 2013

Update to poultry page coming soon... due to planned and unplanned changes

I have been meaning to update our Poultry page for a while now. As we have a few new additions- geese we've had for a few months. And now we have some permenant turkeys. These being permenant, as we are hoping to breed them, following our success with rearing a few for Christmas dinner, last year.
But thought I'd post today, as yesterday we lost Rocky (our resident Light Sussex rooster). He came to us, a little over a year ago. As friends had hatched a few and he was displaying domenance... something he took time to display amoungst our established flock.
We wish we knew what was wrogn with him, but he begun looking dirty and scraggly after the resent rain and never quite recovered. We seperated him earlier in the week as he had become unsteady on his feet, and had began losing some weight. Unfortunatley he battled all week; and we treated him for worms and anything else we could think of, but he gave up his fight yesterday afternoon.
I know he wasn't a favourite amoungst everyone- as with all rooster, he protected his girls. And occationally he would challenge me; resulting in his hatred of blue buckets! And my needing a new feed bucket. But in all honestly he was a gorgeous looking boy and gentle with the girls. And I having stood guard over him for the first few weeks, so that he could eat, was quite attached to him, so am very sorry to have lost him. But I guess that's rearing livestock.

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