Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Puppy girl is 5 today, as would have her brother

I hadn't planned on blogging about our puppies birthday today. But it's been on my mind all day. So I'm sorry for being all sentimental, but as such a big part of our lives and our family I left they deserved my time.
Besides I was driving to a meeting (for work) earlier today and Delta Goodrams new song came on the radio. Now I have never been a fan, as you can probably tell- since I'm not even sure if that's how you spell her name. But given she made me cry- probably never will be.

 As her new song is very haunting, and seemed to be speaking for me, literally. For those who have never heard the song, or listened to the lyrics- "today would have bee
n your birthday" seemed especially accurate today.  

As today our gorgeous smiling girl Ffion, is 5 today. And so we will be celebrating and I have bought her extra special treats. (Do you spoil your pets for birthdays and Christmas? )
Unfortunately her 'twin' brother (as we used to call them- as they were from the same litter) Griff passed away in July last year.Shortly after we moved to Maes-y-Delyn. So whilst its her day, it obviously would have been his birthday too. I guess its one of those days you reflect on the fact that he's not here...or you allow yourself to , more than other days anyway. It's the least he deserved.

So Happy Birthday Ffion & we miss  you as ever Griff x x x

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