Friday, 2 November 2012

Goosey, goosey gander, where shall I wander?

Well hopefully not too far!

I am so excited about our new arrivals!

A gaggle of geese- 4! We think 2 boys (ganders) and 2 girls (geese) all about 12 months old. 

Now I know they can be boisterous, and make great guard dogs. But they are also supposed to be phenomenal snake catchers (and deterrents).
Should be interesting to see how the dogs react to them. They are not really ‘bird tolerant’, although they have been far better with our young English Game cross pullet, who insist on venturing into the outer garden (and visiting the dogs). For as long as they don’t run or flap… So I guess we will just have to wait and see. They are bigger than our Staffy, although the Mastiff is the sook…

I am not sure how our imminent guest will feel about them either. From memory I don’t believe my Mam is a fan, think it stems from a fear instilled by her mother, my Nan. But again time will tell. Suppose they have to get used to us first.

We have temporarily penned them, near their new house. Only til the weekend, when we plan on letting them out during the day. (Plan is to coax them back at night with food)

We figure, give them a cosy house, food and water and then when we let them wander in the garden they will hopefully know that this is their new home. And eventually trust us.

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