Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas is coming

Well the festive season is in full swing (already). This weekend was relatively quiet farm wise, as we joined in the merriment of the festive season. I can not believe next week we will be into December, and that there are less than 4 weeks til Christmas and only 5 weeks left of this year!
So with our both of our work Christmas functions being on Friday, we are pretty much celebrated out now, so can focus on our pending deadlines.
My family arrive in under two weeks; meaning we still have tidying to do- few things around the garden. And most definitely shed. Along with sorting a few last minutes (or should I say, shouldn't have been lat minute) things. Such as a booster seat! Since my nephew will be 6 years and 9 months when he comes, and you have to have one for children under 7. Only a booster seat appears really hard to find.
Other than that I have a bit of spring cleaning; wash and freshen the bedding in the spare rooms and put the Christmas decorations up!
In farming deadlines, we are on count down to P-day... PIGLETS! So this coming weekend we shall separate her; since she still hasn't begun to nest in either shed.

Also we set a batch of eggs in the incubator. So by the weekend we should know whether any are fertile. These are for our 'meat brid' experiment. Though we only had one egg from our Indian Game hen, so comparisons maybe hard. We had also set them as we want chicks whilst my nephew is here. So if they are not showing signs this weekend, we have time to collect another batch; now we have returned our roosters to thier original stalking grounds.
Rocky instantly stamped his authority on the laying hens, "doing his rounds". Whilst Ron appears much more comfortable in the smaller pen, not having to move too far, or contest for food. 

And my garden in looking a little more green thanks to the 16mm of rain we had Satiruday night... unfortunately so are the weeds. So full steam ahead this coming weekend.

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