Monday, 15 October 2012

Lovely weekend away, but first from puppies

This weekend we took a trip to Long Island with some friends. We spent the weekend relaxing, swimming (even if I did find the water cold), playing mini golf, walking, animal feeding of different species, feeding ourselves...far too much and enjoying a few drinks in the gorgeous Whitsundays.
The Whitsunday Islands are less than an hour away for us and we've tripped to a few since moving here, but you do becme complacent as to what is on your door step.

Long Island is a resort island. It could possibly benefit from a lick of paint here and there. And some new boardwalk planks on the way in. Though I can't say we noticed as we disembarked the ferry, as we were too busy admiring the crystal clear waters and sea life below us. Along with the picturesque beach scapes and national park (that make up the majority of the island)

The ferry crossing is just 15 minutes from Shute harbour- so alot closer than some of the other islands. So close in fact that some sea kayakers stopped off briefly and then set off again.

The main thing (for me at least) this weekend, in terms of Maes-y-Delyn; was it was our first trip away leaving the puppies at home. 
We have had the odd late night out and we have each been away separately, since moving here. And whilst we have been on holidays since having Ffion, that was at our old house. When we had her brother Griff and friends took care of them. But it was a first for here and for Madog. 
It may seem as if I was over reacting, as it was only for 2 nights, but I guess this weekend woudl set a president for any future trips. 

Now we could have placed the dogs in kennels, but A, I would still have had to find someone to feed the chooks (chickens, ducks & turkeys) and pigs, as there are not so many keenels for livestock. And B, Madog's a whinger and I was unsure how he would react to a strange environment. So the solution seemed to be someone feeding them too. So I arranged for a friend (from work, who lives close by) and his son to feed eveything for us. Now I wasn't 100% sure how the dogs would react to our feeding visitors. But all went pretty well.
We made she all the animals had a good feed before we left early on Friday and labelled all the feed bins with relevant instructions for them on the Saturday.

When we arrived home Sunday afternoon, all animals were delighted to see us (or more interested in being fed)... dogs included.
Once they had made their inital fuss and then been walked and fed both cwtched up in their beds. Only moving when absolutely necessary! Am guessing they missed thier 'creature comforts' :)

The biggest issue from our few days of rest is the work we'll have to do to get the herb patch back under control!

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