Monday, 22 October 2012

Egg bound chook

This was a first for us... When I first saw this old girls back end I was most alarmed, but funnily enough I knew exactly what it was.
Matt thought it was something else, as it did seem quite servere. Although I did consider, maybe she had a prolapse- possibly due to age. As we have only had a few eggs from our 3 Indian Game hens for a few weeks. But google confirmed, she was most likely egg bound.

Egg bound birds, tend to be a result or worm infestation- which was unlikely as they were recently wormed (but they will be again shortly-just in case), genetics or age. The latter 2 being more likely for this hen. But it is when the bird can no pass an egg. This can result in death within 48 hours.
Now this was the second morningy, it looks extreme. But I video'd her to confirm. The bit poking out, is from her pushing so hard. The white/creamy liquid is her urine trying the pass the egg.

Now there were a few conflicting reports as to what you shoudl or shouldn't do. Some advising the only real option was to remove the egg manually. Other saying this was an absolute NO, NO.
As she is a flightly bird (to be honest, they are a flightly breed). So I figured handling could only make it worse and she would have been a high risk for egg breakage. And therefore possible infections.
So we resorted to making her as warm and comfortable as possible. I also read that warm water could also assist in relaxing the area. So I was prepared to catch her and place her in a warm bath, as time was now ticking on. Matt had approached the subject of whether it would be better for her or, as an older bird it would be more stress orpain. Which our interference could cause her death anyway. So maybe she would have been better, being put out of her misery. Having already lost a bird that day I was over awred by the suggestion, but had to admit it was a reallistic option. 
However an hour after this video, she passed the egg and was happily sctraching around the run again.

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