Friday, 13 July 2012

It's raining, it's pouring

Well it has been pouring here! Especially considering it’s the dry season? We had 63mm of rain over night alone.  I am unsure what we had over the last few days in total, as Matt had been emptying the rain gauge. And we were a little distracted last night
With the recent rainfall, and the fact that the tanks are “empty” (especially since none of that rain being collected since we disconnected them the other week) the second tank popped up. So we spent yesterday evening lifting it out, in preparation for moving.
 Unfortunately with the rain we had a little more bad news, the duck nested in the corner where the rainwater flows. Her nest has been waterlogged twice, so I am not holding out any hope for her clutch hatching. Although the ones in the incubator (that we thought may have been cooked) appears to still be developing- so we have hope there.
On a slightly more positive note, the chicken eggs we have in our incubator started hatching last night. This morning there were 3 started. So will keep you posted… could be an interesting weekend.

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