Monday, 9 July 2012

Incubator update- mixed feelings

As I said so far this 'fan-dangled' incubator is giving us mixed feelings. Whilst we are grateful for the chance to hatch an extra batch of eggs. I have to be fair it is very fiddley and tempromental. So far I am preferring the quiet adn simplisty of our incubator. I don't think I'll be running this one again.

Excitingly we had our 1st Indian Game/ Dark Corknish egg yesterday! So we (hopefully)placed it in the incubator with 2 dozen eggs from a friend (breeding Rhode Island Red's). As they usually use the borrowed incubator we are currently running; with mixed results.

As we had candled the eggs in ours, there was fortunatley more room in ours, as we have been having a few issues with the borrowed incubator. Whilst the temperature on the front is in celsius and only goes up to 99.5... so we had been using the digital themometer we use for ours. However it has been placed on the base of the incubator and not hte shelves. When we measured the temperature at the shelves yesterday it was over 40! Anything over 39degrees will kill any incubation process... so 18 of or frinds eggs went in ours. The rest and our set of ducks eggs remains to be seen.

We were very disappointed, as there does appear to have been some development (when we had candled them). Though now we're going to wait a few days and see whether there has been any further development. As if it was too high, it had been all along.

So guess for now we just wait and hope.

As for the original eggs we placed in our incubator, we are hoping for chicks by Saturday and ducklings by next Thursday... so we're on count down now. Will have to move the other birds out of the brooder box soon!

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