Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Garden plans

Friday we made a visit to Sarina Landcare Catchment Management Association Inc. (SLCMA) www.sarinalandcare.org.au
As members we are allowed up to 20 native trees from thier nursery- for free! They will also visit your property and give you personalised advise, about what to plant for your needs, conditions etc. We had someone come out a few weeks back- If your local management association offers this, I highly recommend it. I mean local knowledge is envaluable, especially to newbies to this like us, especially being foreigners any advise is gratefully appreciated.
So we left with 35 trees, all of which are currently 'weathering' on the patio; whilst we we make final decisions about thier final destinations.
The lady also wrote the common and latin names on the labels, so I can look them up myself... Note to self I still need to do this. 

Over the weekend we also took some cuttings from existing trees around the garden; lime, lemon & bay. We bought a propogation podwer from Bunnings, so will let you know how this goes

And for the planned herb garden near the shed, I potted some parley that had sprung up in the walkways of our now raised gardens. We planted this (rather unsuccesfully) in the ground level garden last year- funny how plants germenate themselves and turn up where you least expect

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  1. I am now questioning whether my potted parsley, is parsley at all... it could be corriander. Think I'll have to eat some and confirm!