Monday, 25 June 2012

12 months on... life at Maes-y-Delyn

29th of June is the first year anniversary since we collected the keys to Maes-y-Delyn, we moved in on 30th... so I am looking at this blog and wishing I had taken the time to update it and blog more often- no matter how insignificant it seemed.

So I intend make 2-3 blogs a week (with or without photos etc). Now I know we have achieved so much in that time, but there is still always things to do, new things to learn and new challenges to meet. All of which I intend to tkae head on, and online!

So at the moment I am making a fresh start with the veggie patch. Having raised the beds, following the deluge of last years wet season.
We still have 2 huffers (at least for the time being), we have 3 pigs. Our breeding pair, Smokey & Streaky (for which we are still waiting hopefully) and a Berkshire-Saddleback x which we bought locally for the freezer.
3 roosters, "Rocky" our Light Sussex, an Indian Game rooster and and Old English Game, who is to find a new home. 4 Indian game hens, 4 "commerical layers", 2 RIR x, 1 RIR, 1 Wellsomer, 1 laying light sussex, 2 (hopefully hens) from our first hatchlings, 4 light sussex from our second and 5 'Ross-cobs' (commerical meat birds).
1 Muscovey drake and 5 hens.

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