Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More than one way to Skin a Chook

Well this is not for the faint hearted. However as a small holding owner rearing and killing your stock for food is a fact of life.For us plucking has proven a long process. So my other half suggested we attempt to "skin" our birds. An option that as brought to his attnetion over a blog. So I guess here I am passing thsi knowledge on, should anyone else be consider plucking too much work.
Personally (fore personal preference, diet and health reasons)I skin our chicken to cook, so it seemed a logical suggeston that we eliminate the process of plucking feathers and then removing the skin, to just removing the feathers with the skin.

To do this first you will need to kill and hang (and bleed) your bird- order is your preference. Then(using a sharp knife) cut the skin (and not the meet) just above the knee joint (well below if it is upside down). Then run the kife along the groin. Then just pull the skin away, using the knife to release any connected tissue.

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