Tuesday, 24 April 2012

First hatchlings at Maes-y-Delyn

Easter Monday was very exciting for us at Maes-y-Delyn... as we awoke to the tiny chip of feathery feet! As we recently purchased an incubator and had inherted a working rooster we attempted the process of rearing chickens of our own.
We had hopefully placed 30 eggs (having been told 1:5 were good odds). To our surprise 17 successfully hatched (from 20 fertilised eggs)! Unfortunately 3 didn't make it out, but we had 11 yellow and 6 black babies!
WE have kept one of each (yellow and black). We hatched a further 4 (that our Sussex was detern=mined to sit on) and sold the remaining 19. 6 going to a local home. 4 to the family we bought our pup from adn the remainder to a local produce store.

So now we have cleaned and reloaded the incubator with 40 more... guess we'll wait and see.

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