Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Year

Well it has been a while since i last posted. And yes as usual I have full intention of posting more frequently this time ;p

Well we have a few more residents at Maes-y-Delyn. We were given 7 muscovy ducklings and a sussex rooster over Christmas.
Unfortunately 3 of the ducklings squeezed out of they're safe little enclosure on the first night and the dog got one. The other 2 were a welcome sight waddling back in, in the morning. Since then, we have had to separate the 'runt' of the flock(? right term) as I believe 'she' is the only girl (as she's that much smaller) and the others are trampling her. She appeared to be having breathing dificulties, although she seems to be getting around alright. I think we will be keeping her on her own for a while longer... til she is big enough to stand her ground that is.
Sometimes she calls out for the others, but they don not even respond (mean boys!)

As for the rooster, he was given to us by friends. As we have a meatbird hen who had started laying and we have never had a rooster; he had also killed another young rooster, so couldn't stay there any longer... at ours he has been hen pecked. Well hen pecked is an understatement! I had to guard him on the second day, as they wouldn't let him eat. They would jump on his back and pull feathers out! So since his first day with us, he hasn't crowed since. They are letting up on him now, and they even let him stand in their hut from the rain. So hopefully he'll be a fully functioning rooster soon enough.

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