Thursday, 6 October 2011

Lazy Sunday's

After moving the tanks on Friday and the full on day thaat was Saturday- 3:45am get up, 4:15 out house, for 5am rego and 6 am start for River 2 Reef Ride. Which went well (over 750 riders). To friends son's first birthday party at 11:30 to workmates anniversary dinner in the evening. So all up rushing round and no time to stop- so Sunday was going to be an easy one!

So Sunday's are generally my 'clean out the animals day'- so day starts with shovelling poop and transferring it to my veggies patch- nothing better for the veggies than fresh manure. Whilst I was doing this I had a shout from Matt 'You have a spade?', he was strimming the fencing- electric fencing must be kept completely clear. (so much for a lazy day- guess there's no such thing)

Anyway 'You have a spade?' was because we had an unwelcome and aggressive visitor; who he had startled with the strimmer, but none the less it was aggressive and could potentially hurt us or hurt/kill any of the animal- pets or livestock!
This was our first proper encounter with a snake, since moving in. I had seen one in the garden in the first few weeks; I'd been playing with Ffion and then she started bouncing around, as if to play- but not to me... as I peered over the edge of the patio, there was a snake. So by the time I'd gotten her in the house and located the spade it had disappeared. Pretty fortunate for us both, I guess. Other than that we've be fortunate enough to only see some on the road…So guess it goes to show that you can not be complacent.

Anyway on a more positive note I took my first real harvest from the veggie patch- I know I’ve picked tom’s, chillies and strawberries here and there and had the Bok Choy’s and the odd lime and orange, but Sunday felt like a plentiful bounty of produce. And hopefully there should be many more to come.

Monday, 3 October 2011

We've officially be in 3 months!

Well on Friday was our 3 month anniversary in the house... and what a journey it has been so far!
Unfortunately that does mean that this coming Friday it has been 3 months since we lost our gorgeous Griff. We actually planted a dwarf lemon tree to mark his resting place last weekend, not that well will ever forget where he rests.

Anyway this weekend was pretty busy, with a few further milestones. Friday saw the moving of the first, and largest of the 3 water tanks. This was necessary as one of the many challenges we have faced todate include finding out that the fencing was all in the wrong place. Meaning our tanks were on the neighbours property!- Lesson learned when purchasing rural blocks (well for that any block), make the contract subject to survey.
But it is, what it is and our neighbour has been very good about the whole thing. So we will get it sorted, just in small steps. So step 1- move the largest, above ground tank- done!
Next step is to pump all the water out of the 2 semi-submerged tanks, then begin exploring the underground piping and work out how to move them and where... but we'll get there one step at a time